Ordinary Meeting Minutes 1/08/2011



Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Penshurst Parish Council held on Monday 1 August 2011 at 7.30 pm in Penshurst Parish Council

1. PRESENT: Cllrs J Cass (Chairman), Mrs D Broad (Part), A Campbell, B Townsend


APOLOGIES: Cllr I Carson, S Frederick, J Horsford, J O’Shea


2. MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 4 July 2011 having been circulated, were approved and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Interest in Agenda Items
If a Member has a prejudicial interest, this should be declared at the start of the meeting.
Personal interests may be declared at this point or alternatively can be declared at the time when the specific item is being discussed, if a Member wishes to speak on an item in which s/he has a personal interest. NONE


The issue of the reintroduction of the Speedwatch system was raised, clerk to request Cllrs Broadhead and Carson to initiate checks in Glebelands, Rogues Hill and Penshurst Place lay by area. It was noted there were trained volunteers who had previously undertaken this duty.
The clerk had reinstated the emptying of the litter bin and mowing of the play area as this was now in use. Clerk to contact Simon Kidd regarding the grass cutting by the approach path/hedging on the cricket ground. (Landscape Services advise area would be included in future cuts)




SE/11/01873LDCPR: The Bungalow, Daneby Hall, The Lane, Fordcombe: Use of part of existing single storey building for residential living accommodation.


SE/11/01198: Hamsell Farm Oast, Coopers Lane, Penshurst: Demolition of existing outbuilding, to be replaced and re-sited with single storey oak frame outbuilding for storage and garage. REFUSED
SE/11/00910: Smarts Hill House, Smarts Hill, Penshurst: Construction of new Pool House. REFUSED


SE/11/01057: Bakery Cottage, Fordcombe Road, Fordcombe: Proposed rear extension. GRANTED


SE/10/02879/02896LBC: Dairy Cottage, Poundsbridge Lane, Poundsbridge, Penshurst: Erection of lean to conservatory, two storey extension to side incorporating triple garage and internal alterations (amendment to original planning approval) and proposed new access drive. REFUSED


SE/11/01129LDCPR: Oakfield Smarts Hill, Penshurst, Kent: Maintenance of glasshouse including lowering floor, Damp Proof Membrane introduction, underpinning retaining wall, replacement roof glazing with hipped profile, eaves and ridge height remaining but with a lean-to slope introduced at garden end to provide added height against existing wall. Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use/Development Granted.


Enforcement Notice:


Two enforcement notices have been raised by SDC, one in relation to the stationing of a caravan on land without permission which represents a material change and another for an alleged breach of planning control.


Tree Surgery:


SE/11/01775/WTPO: Vine Cottage, Grove Road, Penshurst: Fell 1 Aspen tree


a. The Bottle House: Clerk advised by Mr Hammond that alternative emergency access was being trialled. Clerk agreed with Mr Hammond that if this was not successful the Parish Council’s offer would remain open as an option for consideration.


b. Leigh Barrier: Cllrs Cass, Frederick, Horsford and Townsend had attended the tour on 14 July. Cllr Townsend reported that the visit had been of interest, members were advised of the calculations undertaken to adjust flow. It had been decided that the proposed further metre of water would not now be introduced, work instead being undertaken on the other side of Edenbridge to alleviate possible problems.


c. Hedges: Owners of two hedges at Fordcombe and one in Penshurst contacted regarding cutting areas back. Members appreciated the prompt response by the Penshurst resident in cutting back hedging affecting the pavement.


d. Speedwatch: Matter deferred.


e. Rural Swathe Mowing: Work carried out, Cllr Cass confirmed he had travelled the parish with Mike Gilbert and whilst the grass mowing was acceptable, the vertical cutting of bracken etc. was again poor. Poundsbridge Lane had not been treated, clerk had applied for an up to date listing of areas covered.
f. Bottle Bank: Cllr Mrs Broad advised that Ben Thomas thought this a good idea and would check if there was a suitable place for siting same.


g. Paddock Close: Cllr O’Shea had emailed clerk with the information regarding the erection of the BT poles. Cllr O’Shea had spoken to several people at BT regarding the erection of the new poles in Paddock Close including a surveyor who visited site to re-inspect the location of the poles and advised it was his opinion the poles were in their optimum position. Due to H&S issue it was no longer considered safe for poles to be shared for electricity and telephone, they could not be located on the same side of the street as existing electric poles due to lack of required clearances and they had not been located close to the kerb due to a complaint in relation to opening of car doors. BT considered they had followed the required procedure to maintain telephone service for the residents and could therefore not assist in this instance.


h. Footpaths: Nicky Biddall had not seen the private property notice near Ring Time, Cllr Campbell to check area. Faulty handrailing on the bridge leading from The Warren to Salmans Farm was found not to be the responsibility of the estate, Cllr Campbell had carried out repairs, it was noted that the bridge itself was not very stable and would eventually require further maintenance work. Nicky Biddall was seeking quotations for the resurfacing of the bridge at Poundsbridge and, if funds were available, the work would be carried out.


i. Salt Bins: The Spotted Dog were willing to fund the provision of a salt bin at their site, information awaited from Julian Cook regarding provision of salt for winter 2011/12.


a. Swaylands: Advice received from SDC that repairs were being undertaken to damaged mechanical equipment caused by a blockage in the system, these should be completed by end July. Mr Sellings confirmed the sewage system was back in operation, the old plant at Old Swaylands was being serviced. There were only one or two properties left. No date had been given for the AGM and there was no further information on parking for the NGS, Mr Sellings to discuss issue with Alexander Boyes. Cllr Cass to accompany Mr Sellings on next visit.


b. Kent County Councillor: No report


c. Sevenoaks District Councillor: No report


d. KALC: No report


e. Alms Houses: No report


f. Neighbourhood Watch: No report




Interactive Road Signs: Further information provided by Aziz Jiwaji regarding provision of permanent unit at Penshurst, matter deferred to next meeting.


White Lining Problems with road marking ie white and yellow lining, cats’ eyes and sunken drains reported under reference 29233, website indicates report received by officer on 5 July but no indication of action being taken.


Glebelands: Pavement outside 11-16 still not repaired at time of preparation of agenda.


Pathway: Cllr Mrs Broad had discussed the possibility of introducing an informal pathway from The Glebe to the pavement to assist families walking the route to school.


BT Building: Clerk had contacted BT regarding problems with overgrown hedge opposite the Penshurst Primary School (Ref: 403997). (Advised work should be completed by 5 August)


Road Signs: Clerk asked to arrange removal of redundant road signs: Duck Race sign and Hever Castle sign between the two bridges at Rogues Hill and road work sign at Swaylands.


Road Condition: Clerk to contact highways again regarding condition of route used for diversion during recent pipework installation at Spring Hill.


The following were presented and approved for payment.


Mr I Streeter Lengthsman 86.00
Play Place Innov8 Family Fun Day Fee 339.51
Fordcombe Village Hall Hall Hire Fee 12.00
RIP Cleaning Services Dog Waste Removal 43.20
Derek Baker Fordcombe Churchyard Mowing 720.00
KCC Gangmowing 143.41


a. Public Conveniences: Cllr O’Shea and clerk inspected condition of public toilets. Authorisation to carry out identified faults not received in time to facilitate 1 August opening. Further cleaning quote being sought by clerk after provision of photos supplied, Cllr O‘Shea obtaining further quotation.




a. Village of the Year Competition: Invitation to take part, members felt the parish did not meet many of the requirements for this competition.


b. SDC: Environmental Protection Officer confirmation of repairs to Swaylands sewage system (see also under Swaylands Report)




a. Warren Allotments: Cllr Campbell had reinstated the gate at the allotments free of charge to the council.


b. Open Public Services White Paper Consultation: Members discussed the implications of this paper and felt that few of the responsibilities could be undertaken by small councils although areas such as verge, hedge and swathe mowing and arranging the Fun Days for the children had already been administered by the council successfully. It was agreed the PC would require information on funding to be made available prior to taking on any responsibilities from the district or county councils.


c. Graffiti: Cllr Mrs Broad would discuss graffiti noticed on the wall between the churchyard and Penshurst Place with the Head Gardener.


d. Fun Day: It was pointed out that the August Fun Day would be held on Fordcombe’s cricket ground and not at Penshurst.


Please Note: A request for nomination of a PC representative to attend Becket Trust meetings was deferred in view of the low attendance at the meeting.


Meeting concluded 9.10 pm Next Meeting Venue and Date to be advised