NHS & SCPT An Information Source for Mental Health Care

For information and assistance with all aspects of mental health care the following website is available: https://www.kmpt.nhs.uk/information-for-carers/ Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust provide information relating to the Mental Health service and a central contact number for all areas of mental health care (0300 222 0123). The following meetings are arranged for […]

The Repair Shop, New BBC Show

THE REPAIR SHOP, A NEW BBC SHOW LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS. Dear Parish and Town councils of Kent, My name is Ryan and I’m on the casting team at Ricochet TV part of warner bros TV production UK  www.ricochet.co.uk We are making a new television show for BBC2 called “The repair shop”; the show looks into […]

South East Rivers Trust regarding Chafford Lane Sluice

  Chafford Lane sluice, River Medway; an opportunity to restore river habitats?   Chafford Lane tilting sluice is an Environment Agency owned structure on the River Medway, which supports an approx. 3-4 kms of impounded river upstream. The impoundment degrades the river habitat in this upstream reach, creating a lowland type river environment in what […]