HWAAG Objection to concentration of easterly departure route 9/12/14



Councillor RG Streatfeild MBE, Chair

High Weald Councils Aviation Action Group


c/o Mrs Louise Kleinschmidt

2 Bothy Cottages



Kent  TN8 7NE

Telephone: 01892-871651

Email: Louise.clerk@chiddingstone.org

9th December 2014



Mr S Wingate,

Chief Executive Officer,

6th floor, Destinations Place,

South Terminal,

Gatwick Airport,

West Sussex.



Dear Mr Wingate,

The High Weald Councils Aviation Action Group would like to register its objection to the changes to NPR BIG/CLN/DVR below 4000’.

The HWCAAG represents 11 Town and Parish Councils and 44,000 residents.

We responded to the Consultation on Airspace Changes below 4000’ and objected to the proposed changes.

Mark Swan of the CAA says in his letter dated 14th August that there were only 5 objections. This statement is inaccurate. The objections that Edenbridge Town Council, Tandridge District Council and other parishes as well as individuals raised appear to have been ignored or discounted.  We believe the CAA should thoroughly investigate and consider these objections.

The latest changes to easterly operations now takes traffic to the east as far out as Bidborough, which is the same route as for arrivals on westerly operations. This is unacceptable as it is quite clear that there is “no environmental benefit demonstrated” (Mark Swan’s letter 14th August).

This comment is in stark contrast to what GAL said in the consultation document.

“Engagement with local community representatives during this consultation has identified an option to change departures heading east and north/east to help reduce environmental impacts near the airport.”  These “local representatives” cannot be identified. 

Before the changes, easterly operations from Gatwick allowed some respite for those affected by westerly arrivals. For Mark Swan to say that “there is only a difference of 16 meters between nominal tracks” shows a complete lack of understanding.  The original direction of the NPR took traffic away from the westerly approach path in a south/easterly direction, thereby giving respite to those under the westerly approach.

We would like to bring your own maps to your attention which show an increasing number of aircraft leaving the NPR’s LAM and BGN/CLN/DVR at low altitudes and heading due east following the westerly arrivals route. This, in our view, constitutes a change in airspace. We would like to see these aircraft revert back to the original routes until such times that there are proper and fair consultations.

Yours sincerely,



Richard Streatfeild MBE

Chair – Chiddingstone Parish Council

Chair – High Weald Councils Aviation Action Group


cc:        Dame Deirdre Hutton, CAA

Sir John Stanley MP

Crispin Blunt MP

Greg Clark MP

Michael Fallon MP

Charles Hendry MP

Sir Paul Beresford MP

Sam Gyimah MP