Steering Group Minutes 18th May 2010


Penshurst Village Project Steering Group
Minutes of the Meeting held 18 May 2010
Bill Hughes Smithsgore Partner – Penshurst Place Consultant
Lee Scott – Smithsgore Planner
David Shaw – Smithsgore Partner
Liz Crockford – Housing Initiative Officer – SDC
Rob Sellings – Penshurst Parish Council
Dianne Broad – Penshurst Parish Council
Dave Geal – Penshurst Parish Council
Evelyn Divall – Penshurst PC Clerk
Andrew Stronghill – Penshurst Place
Janet Ranson – WKHA
Susan Senecal – Warders’ Practice Manager
Julia Armstrong – Headteacher – Penshurst Primary School
Nicky Dent – Governor – Penshurst Primary School
Apologies –
Jim Sperryn – SDC Planning Officer
Sarah Petch – WKHA
Paddy Cooke – SDC Councillor
Gavin Missons – SDC Housing Policy Manager
Roger Dawe Governor – Penshurst Primary School
Eric Baldock – Kent Police
1.                  Feedback from consultation on 22 April 2010.
Event well attended. Over 100 questionnaires returned on the night, majority supporting new affordable housing and doctors’ surgery but not public wc’s. Key issue is to now reach other 500 households who have not responded.   LC advised SDC have received 8 individual letters/emails with concerns over the proposals plus one Freedom of Information Act request.
2.                  Residents’ information leaflet
Following discussion, it was agreed the information should be in two parts. 
Part one should be a short leaflet (two sides of A4) similar to the example provided for New Ash Green. It should summarise the project to date, who is involved, the concerns that have been raised and how further information can be obtained. LS to draft leaflet and circulate to Group for comment by 21 May. The short leaflet will be posted to each household in the Parish (SDC Housing to pay costs of postage). Anticipated date for leaflet dispatch is 28 May. LC to arrange dispatch. Attached to the leaflet will be a questionnaire for completion by each household. Questionnaires to be returned either by post to the Parish Council or via sealed boxes (SDC to provide, deliver and collect ballot boxes) to be placed in three locations – the Forge Post Office (AS to arrange), the doctors’ surgery (SS to arrange) and the Chafford Arms, Fordcombe (DG to arrange).
Part two will be a comprehensive information document plus site plan to be made available on the Parish Council website and in hard copy for folders to be placed in the Forge Post Office, the doctors’ surgery and the Chafford Arms. Agreed should aim to finalize comprehensive information document by the end of this week (21 May). LC had prepared a draft and this was considered by the Group. All – Comments/amendments on the comprehensive information document to be sent to LC by 20 May. JR to prepare site plan with notes on the pros and cons of each of the sites considered. LC to send completed documents to ED for insertion onto Parish Council website and placing in hard copy files.
3          Forge Field development – next steps.
Various site surveys/analyses need to be commissioned to inform the pre-planning application submission, e.g. topographical, ecological, flood risk. However it was agreed feedback from the residents’ questionnaire should be considered prior to any commission. 
4.         Date of next meeting
16 June May, 10.00am to Noon, Members’ Room, SDC Offices.?