Steering Group Minutes 4/03/10


Penshurst Village Project
Minutes from 4 March 2010
Project Group Attendees:
David Geal                  Penshurst Parish Council
Dianne Broad              Penshurst Parish Council
Rob Sellings                Penshurst Parish Council
Evelyn Divall               Penshurst Parish Council
Bill Hughes                  Smiths Gore
David Shaw                Smiths Gore
Lee Scott                     Smiths Gore
Andy Stronghill            Penshurst Estate
Janet Ranson              West Kent Housing Association
Ann Jones                   West Kent Housing Association
Graham Kirby             Warders Medical Centre
Susan Senecal            Warders Medical Centre
Jim Sperryn                Sevenoaks District Council
Liz Crockford              Sevenoaks District Council
Hayley Baldock          Sevenoaks District Council
Connie Burgess          Warders Medical Centre
Caroline Lingham        Sevenoaks District Council
1.    Minutes from 16 December 2009 and matters arising
BH circulated proposed article giving brief details of the project, for insertion in the next Parish Magazine (to be published in April). Project Group agreed various amendments to the article. Agreed need for Primary School and Village Hall Committee to be briefed prior to publication of Parish Magazine.
·         ED to pass amended article to Parish Magazine editor and copy to LC.
·         GK/SS to brief Village Hall Committee
·         Smiths Gore to brief Head Teacher of Primary School
2.    Design Brief
DS/LS circulated a draft Design Brief which they have worked up subsequent to stakeholder consultations. Input of KCC Highways now needed. Project Group to feed back any comments to LS. LC agreed to flag with relevant internal colleagues, particularly Caroline Lingham of West Kent Leader.
  • Smiths Gore to appoint a Highways consultant to facilitate effective consultation with KCC Highways
  • All to feed back comments to LS by 17 March
  • LC to seek views from SDC colleagues
3.    PCT/Surgery
GK suggested would be helpful to forward Design Brief to PCT for initial views. GK explained several levels of approval required from PCT to secure funding for Project. 
  • GK to forward Design Brief to Marie Gilbert at PCT with comments to be sought by 17 March.
4.    Affordable Housing
Discussion required between WKHA and SDC Housing re. Design Brief.
Level of affordable housing agreed at 5 units – all 2 beds, but mix of 3 and 4 persons. SDC have agreed to consider under-occupation. BH advised still keen to consider potential for a 6th unit to be used as a caretakers’ flat.
To secure grant funding under current National Affordable Housing Programme, affordable housing element of scheme would need to start on site by 31/3/11. This will be very tight to achieve. General discussion regarding planning process.  As Conservation Area, will need detailed planning application for entire project so affordable housing element cannot be progressed at a faster pace.   Need to aim for detailed planning application by late summer 2010.
  • LC, JR and AJ to meet to discuss feedback on Design Brief
  • JR to forward BH DCLG consultation on incentivizing landowners (re. 6th unit).
5.    Consultation event
Agreed need for early public consultation event. Up to four sketch options to be presented by Smiths Gore. Also opportunity for parishioners to register their interest in the affordable housing. Date set for 22 April, between 4pm and 8pm. Ideally event to be held in Village Hall. Question on whether any restrictions apply to SDC staff in run up to the Election? (LC subsequently checked and no restrictions apply). Meeting of Project Group required prior to consultation in order to run through sketch options.
  • ED to confirm availability of Village Hall and book for 22 April
  • LC to arrange pre meeting.
  • Smiths Gore to prepare sketch options in response to feedback on Design Brief.
Date of next meeting: 15 April, 10am to 11.30am, SDC offices, Argyle Road, Sevenoaks.